Orange Blue – „Songs of liberty“

01. Around the world within a day (Interlude)
02. The lowest point on earth
03. The sun on your face
04. SOL (Song of liberty) (complete version)
05. Million years of rain
06. I can’t go on like that (Interlude)
07. Lena
08. The Saturn (Interlude)
09. A little bit insane (Lavalogyq)
10. Who am I (radio edit)
11. Dance on a waterfall
12. Do you mind if I call you a rainbow (Interlude)
13. Made for today
14. Heaven was her name
15. These things (radio edit)
16. The smile (complete version)
17. All the lyrics are dead (Interlude)
18. Powered by emotion

(bei napster leider noch offline)